Getting her the perfect romantic gift can be a challenge. Whether it’s a birthday, an anniversary, Christmas or Valentine’s, it’s important that your present reflects your true feelings. Sometimes slippers and socks just don’t cut it. If you really want her to feel treasured, then a personalised romantic gift is the only way to go, and we’re here to help with that. Read on to discover the 10 best romantic gift ideas that’ll make your missus smile.

1.     Weekend spa break

Why give your special someone a one-off gift when you can give her a whole weekend of enjoyment? Nothing says romance like a couple of days of pure relaxation away from the hustle and bustle of working life, complete with professional spa treatments, hospitality and great food. It’s the perfect opportunity for the two of you to have quality time together. And the best part is, this doesn’t have to break the bank, as there are plenty of package deals for great savings!

2.     Personal massage kit

A nice alternative is to buy your loved one a massage kit. Filled with massage oils, candles, face masks and more, these simple yet effective gifts are a great way of showing your appreciation – especially if you’re willing to get hands-on. It doesn’t get much more personal than that.

3.     Photo book

A perfect way of celebrating a romantic milestone, a photo book can be a collage of your relationship, featuring all the best pictures of your time together. While inexpensive, it’s truly the thought that counts. You can personalise any photo book with messages alongside the photos, possibly with funny quotes from the day the picture was taken, love poems or just little romantic messages.

4.     Cushion(s)

If you’re looking for something a little bit smaller to gift along with her main present, a cushion or two can be a great addition to your shopping list. Not only are they fun, practical and decorative, she’ll sleep with it every night! Any old cushion won’t do the trick though, so try and look for ones that are deeply personal – perhaps of her favourite place or piece of art. Alternatively, try a custom photo cushion!

5.     Concert tickets

Is your lady crazy about music? If so, then a couple of tickets to the theatre or to see her favourite act performing live could just be the romantic gift she’s been waiting for. To make a real day of it, you can arrange a meal in a fancy restaurant beforehand, so you can celebrate in style before rocking out.

6.     Jewellery

Just because it’s been done before doesn’t make it any less special. Surprising her with a brand new necklace, ring or bracelet is guaranteed to make the special occasion even more so. Additionally, you can get the jewellery engraved with a personal message to make it really unforgettable.

7.     Name a star

This one is really out of this world. For a relatively modest price, you can have a star named for your partner, either directly or indirectly, so every time they look up at the night sky, they’ll think of you!

8.     Personalised mug

Probably one of the more practical gifts you could get, a personalised mug is great as a stocking filler or small gift. Whether it has a funny joke or your loved one’s name written on it, it can be an enduring item that’s sure to see plenty of use.

9.     Perfume

It may not be the most personal of gifts, but it definitely shows you’ve been thinking about her. Like clothing, she won’t wear what she doesn’t like, so if you can get something she does like, it shows you’ve listened and it shows you care. Now if that’s not romantic we don’t know what is.

10. Silk pyjamas

Silk is the height of luxury. So, what could be a more romantic gift than comfortable, light pyjamas that she’ll want to jump straight into? The right nighty or two-piece pyjama set is perfect for warm summer nights or for just lounging around the house over a relaxing weekend.

What’s the best romantic gift you’ve ever received? Or do you have a better idea of what to get her this year? Let us know in the comments below!