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Premium Options

Make your book even better by selecting our premium book options

Wood Cover Effect(+ £4.99)

Give your book a unique and distinctive feel with our wood cover effect option.

Premium quality paper (+ £3.49)

Feel the quality every time you turn the page with our thicker and heavier premium quality paper. It's extra weight without the guilt for just a little extra.

Glossy Paper (+ £4.99)

For improved durability and a shiny look printed onto a high quality 204gsm gloss paper, choose our glossy paper option

Embossed cover (+ £3.49)

Sometimes it's good to judge a book by its cover, as long as it's an embossed cover. Guaranteed to leave a lasting impression for just a little extra.

Deluxe gift sleeve - Grey (+ £5.49)

Make it a complete package guaranteed to stand the test of time by adding a presentation sleeve that protects and perfects.




This new feature is coming soon - watch this space!

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