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2015 Photo Calendars

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2015 Calendars

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100s of themes available for your 2015 Photo Calendar

Personalise your A3 and A4 2015 Calendars with the theme of your choice

Choose a textured background Linen, white or brown paper and give style to your photos, Select a travel theme in order to create a calendar with all of your favourite holiday photos. You can look at them all year round then. You can personalised your calendar with one of our classic patterns or themes your photos will really stand out.


Your calendar can start the month you want it to

Were you too busy to create your calendar on time or do you need plan something specifically? Well, fret not! We give the possibility to choose the starting month for your 2015 calendar !
For example, you can start your calendar in March 2015 and end it in February 2016, pretty neat, no?


Mark your calendars special dates in a truly memorable way

Your calendar is already filled with the important 2015 dates (events, bank holidays etc.) but with the PhotoDays option you have the possibility to personalise with a photo or some text you can add your special dates like your birthday

TIP :If you used the PhotoDays function last year, you can retrieve all your PhotoDays and automatically update your 2015 calendar.

Available on all Wall, Double, Desk and Planning Calendars.


Wall, Planning, Desk: Select your calendar

Whether it is for your or a Christmas gift par, you can choose among 10 2015 Photo calendars
If you want to hang your calendars on your wall, then choose: A3 Poster Calendar , the slim calendar or the wall A3/A4;
If you want the calendar on your fridge then choose Planning calendar;
ou or if you want it on your desk then : les the desk calendar was made for you.

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